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If you are looking for a way to save space and add a serious level of style, then make a DIY barn door. So much easier to build than most people might think, these 12 amazing DIY barn door tutorials take you through the process from building the door (or doors!) to installing the hardware, and all the tips and tricks in between. Whether you want a modern barn door look or rustic, one for your closet or laundry room, or a gorgeous focal point for your primary bedroom, they are all here. Every style, budget price points, and ideas for beginners to intermediate DIY’ers. Want to have a wow factor in your home? Barn doors!



Modern Barn Door DIY’s

This modern DIY barn door from ‘How Does She‘ is a stunning and gorgeous addition to a beautiful primary bedroom. Made from MDF and pine boards, then painted with a sprayer, it looks expensive but saves tons of space in the room. Did we mention, it’s gorgeous? And, inspired by the HGTV show “Fixer Upper”. Lots of step by step instructions and photos, including directions on how to measure your door opening for the right size barn door.


From ‘House on Longwood Lane‘, these modern barn door plans are made using plywood and 1×3’s to create a slat style door. Here used to hide a rather beautiful laundry room, but could look amazing to shut off a home office or den, or even a bathroom. The slats have a nod to mid-century modern design, but are timeless as well.


Another modern barn door idea from ‘House on Longwood Lane‘! This one is for their primary bathroom, and what an amazing style element this is. The geometric lines and gorgeous paint color make this look like they paid thousands for it. Free plans for this project at their site, along with tons of step by step photos and lots of tips. Including where to get that hardware. Let’s face it, the hardware is half the look of the door, right?


DIY Huntress‘ used a solid core interior door as a base for her modern barn door DIY. She spent around $350 to build this door, but she also gives you a material list for less than $150 if you are on a tighter budget. The design (gorgeous, isn’t it?) may look complicated, but she breaks it down into steps with accompanying photos. And if you are still confused, no worries. She’s got a video for you as well!


Kristi Murphy‘ made this modern DIY barn door that is perfect for those tall openings where no standard door is going to fit. Made from plywood and Stikwood, which is a peel and stick wood product. She even has a discount code for you! This door takes up so much visual space, in a super good way! If you want your home to have a custom high end feel, then do this.


Double DIY Barn Door Plans

Plank & Pillow‘ has a full tutorial for this double barn door project that is simply stunning. Building a double barn door is a slightly bigger project then a single, but these instructions spell out all the details on how to measure for and build both doors. Including hanging the hardware!


Rustic Barn Door Ideas

If you have a large door opening you want to close off, that is too large to add a door, try this. This rustic DIY barn door from ‘Kleinworth & Co.‘ is a full six feet wide, made to close off an archway to their family room. You get all the directions on how to make and stain this pretty piece. But since this is a large door, it is heavy, and they cover how to give it extra support as well. They chose to make a trim piece to cover the wheels, but that’s totally optional.


If you want to do a more rustic look, but for a regular size doorway, check out this barn door idea from ‘Addicted 2 DIY‘. This tutorial (another one with a video for you) takes you through all the supplies and all the steps. If you want to learn how to build a barn door, and want a warm, welcoming style, then this one might be the one you are looking for.


This super simple farmhouse style DIY barn door is… well, super simple! From ‘Make It- Love It‘, you only need beginning woodworking skills to pull this off. Lots of photos on how to make the crosspieces (is that what you call ’em?) perfect. Which, BTW, I would never be able to figure out on my own. So if you, like me, are mathematically challenged, then you will appreciate their step by step drawings of how to make these angles work.


Cheap DIY Barn Door

If you want a cheap DIY barn door, then check out the pallet door ‘Lehman Lane‘ made! Yep, they made this rustic door out of (potentially free) upcycled pallet wood. And what’s more, they have a report on how it’s held up after 3 years of little boys opening and closing it every day. (That is a testament to it’s sturdiness!) Lots of easy to follow directions. (Even for how to take apart the pallets.)


DIY Mirror Barn Door Plans

Swift Wellness‘ designed this DIY mirror barn door by using a floor mirror as a base. They used pine to frame in the mirror, and then added barn door hardware to create the perfect door for any bedroom. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get dressed every morning looking at that? The use of a mirror is also great design in a small space to make the room look larger.


Herringbone Barn Door DIY

This herringbone barn door DIY from ‘Bower Power‘ is a freakin’ work of art, my friends. Might be a hair more time consuming than some of the simpler projects, but not more difficult. And look at the results! I think I would use a lighter stain for the style of my house, what about you? Paint maybe? Or, just follow her exact instructions down to the letter, ’cause this, this is awesomeness.

So now you know how to build a barn door! We think you will also want to check out our posts on DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas and DIY Bed Frames!

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